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Ewe Knit Black

Gettin' Knittin'

28 October
Hi. I knit and crochet, and I'm a procrastinator. Hopefully people will wander in and motivate me to work on my various projects. I knew how to crochet for a while but picked it back up January 2004. And relearned knitting in Feb/Mar 04.

So far I've finished:
(c) = crochet (k) = knit
(k) Mostly garter stitch scarf using one skein of Lion Brand Homespun in "Tudor"
(k) white dishcloth/doily thingy for friend's weddding gift
(k) 4 hats knit from cheap wal*mart yarn (various made-up patterns)
(k) black n blue armwarmer (both done, no pattern)
(k) Kureyon Tea Cozy from Knitty.com (Button added to handle part, to be given to my Aunt)
(c) mile-a-minute afghan (mostly finished. gave completed strips to friend with finishing instructions)
(c) duffle shaped bag w/ strap (no pattern)
(k) plain socks with magick stripes yarn (given to sis for x-mas)
(k) giant hat (it's really warm but too big)
(k) another giant hat (either pattern problem or my guage is way off)
(k) scarf made of lionbrand homespun (gave to grandpa)
(k) fingerless glove (only one, just to try it out. no pattern)
(k) Christmas Stocking (with our wedding date on it)
(k) knit star to be used for an ornament.

Works in progress:
(k) Regia Patch Antik socks (lt brown, brown, orange colors)1.75 socks done
(k) Blue Homespun sweater (need to finish 1.5 sleeves + pockets)
(c) black throw with purple trim for a friend (1 skein of black used, 3 more to go)
(c) Camo blanket for deployed soldiers (may rip & knit up on my knitting machine)
(k) FiberTrends Sheep Tote (blue yarn, have all materials, sides half done)
(k) Fox hat (using Baby Alpaca Grande yarn, no pattern, almost 4" done)
(k) Baltic mittens from Folk Mitten book (0.3 mittens done)
(k) red scarf (1.5 balls of yarn to go)
(k) blue fluffy scarf to go with first giant hat (6 or 8 inches done, need to get back to it)
(k) red scarf I started as a first project and put away
(k) lattice cable design scarf (got stuck & put away for a while)

Future projects... (dun, dun, dun...)
~~~ <^_^> everything not started <^_^> ~~~
(k) mittens using 2 diffrent sock yarns
(k) Scarf to match Fox Hat (no pattern)
(k) Scarf for Grandma Tarr
(k) brown cotton socks (yarn is waiting)
(k) purple cotton socks (yarn is waiting)
(k) "japanese loose socks" legwarmers (no pattern, yarn is somewhere)
(k) Lionbrand Homespun scarf for DH
(k) Lionbrand Homespun scarf for Grandma T

<^_^> WIPs will be rolled over to next year.