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I usually don't swear, but I think I deserve to this time.

I an in the Army Reseves and I had been in the Active Duty Army for 3.5 years before that. Friday morning I go to Muskegon For the 3 day Drill weekend and they tell me I am going to be

Deployed With Another Unit (Possibbly to Iraq or Kuwait)

Monday And Tuseday I will be in Minnesota to SRP (Soldier Readiness P(?)). They basically check all my legal/pay/records paperwork and a check up and shots to make sure I'm ready to deploy. I'm digustingly healthy, so I'm sure I'm going. The orders to pack and leave may even be waiting for me when I get home Tuesday night. F*CK!!!!1!1!!!11

So much for trying to blog on here almost every day. And so much for school. I'll post when I can. If I'm lucky I'll have internet over there.

Also, I whipped up the HP scarf on my knitting machine. Now I'm just seaming up the edge and then I can do the fringe. Don't know if I should start my sweater, I may have to leave before I can finish it.
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