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Wow, that was quick.

I started (and finished) a scarf on my Knitting Machine. Not the HP scarf, but one of the patterns in the book that came with the KM. They tell you to do one each of all the patterns in the book so you can get a hang of the techinques used. Each project teaches you one or two new things. The stupid scarf I made you drop every other stitch so that the remaining stiches get big and loose. Getting all the stitches to run was annoying at first, but if figured out that if I pull on the sides then pull on it vertically lots of stiches unravel and it gets done faster.

Someday I'll get pics and show of some of this stuff.
Anyweays, I'm going to the wednesday knitting social at The Knitting Shack. Maybe I can tell a bit about it tomarrow.
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