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I wanna be an Artist when I grow up...

Yay! I found out today that I won't have to take the ACT test to get into Kendall (College of Art and Design). Now I just need to fill out forms for admission/financial aid/GI Bill monies/Tuition assistance etc. AND get a Portfolio together. yay. I'll have to see what I can do for the portfolio requirements. About half needs to be stuff like still lifes X-< and things they make you do in high school art class. EW!!!!

Still workin on the demo thing and the .75 regia sock. Also, I got some wool yarn to make a Ravenclaw Harry Potter scarf, but I need to check if I bought enough or not. I want to do the HP scarf on my knitting machine. Scarves take for-freaking-evar to do by hand!!1!1!!11
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