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updated FO and WIP lists

I updated my Finished Objects and Works In Progress lists in my LJ profile.

There's a new Knitting store near my house called The Knitting Shack. It just opened so they don't have alot, but what they do have is pretty nice. They carry Opal sock yarns and dome of the Dale yarns.They have a 10% off cupon for your entire purchase that is good until the end of September.
The lady (Her name is Dawn) who owns and runs it is really nice and likes to chat with everyone. Her mother helps out at the shop and I've met one of her daughters there too. She opened her own store because the other two LYS in the area aren't very friendly and the lady at the one store treats customers like she thinks they're gonna rob her blind or something.

Wednesdays 6-8 and Saturdays 2-4 she has FREE knitting and crochet social time (but she'll let you go hang out with her any other time as well)

The shop is on Division just north of 54th street in Wyoming, Michigan.
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