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Whats up an' currenly started projects...

I should try to post more often, at least once or twice a week if I can't do it every day. Maybe I'd get some people to comment then.

Got power to my PC, but still no internet.

I've started (and finished) a mostly garter stitch scarf to display at work in the yarn aisle. They kinda needed some finished items, they only had piles of yarn and booklets up as a display. The scarf is one skein of Lion Brand Homespun in Tudor. I did a stockinette panel in the blue sections and ribbing in the yellow sections and garter stitched the rest.

I have a Baltic Mitten started from the Folk Mittens book. 1.75 socks done using Regia Patch Antik. An Illusion knitting sample project for display at work about half done. And, I have a Bond Ultimate Sweater machine to play with. Some day maybe I can get some pics up or something. (having a decent digital camera would help!)
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