ewe_knit_black (ewe_knit_black) wrote,

I'm Still Here!

I got back here safely and I've been busy since I got back over here to Iraq. I'm not on convoys anymore, now I'm on midnight shift gate guard.

Cameras aren't allowed out by the gate, so I didn't get any pics of the cute Kurdish guy who works with us or the hedgehog that one of the other guys caught the other night. The hedgehog was really cute and after everyone got a chance to see it, we let it go.

The wavy lace shawl I'm working on is almost done. I only need to do the lace border on the second end. I also finished a small sweater for a teddy bear I have at home and a cotton crochet bag that was my plane ride project when I went home on leave. I have some pics of those but I'll have to post them next time I'm online. I left my camera in my room.
Tags: iraq, knitting
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